Private Dog Training & Puppy Training

Two Bears Dog & Puppy Training of Boulder County Specializes in Early Puppy Education

So you have a new dog and this is either your first or it has been such a while since you last had to shop for puppy training services and equipment. Because of this, you are overwhelmed with all of the new training lingo spanning from obedience, positive reinforcement, scientific training, purely positive training, as well as humane training.

Other confusing terms include clicker training, gentle training, pack leadership, balanced training, dominance, aggression. Also, behavior modification, canine learning theory, "7 common commands", Cesar Milan method, natural dog training can be other terms that may not make sense right away. So, phrases like negative reinforcement, relationship, clicker training, marker training, puppy socialization, guardian, fur baby,  positive/negative corrections, saying no, etc can be hard to grasp.

All of the above are added to the never-ending list of dog equipment your local dog store, online retailer or a person who quit their day job to be a dog trainer says you need. So, these can also include a prong and or pinch collar, electronic or e-collar, gentle leader, harness, or no-pull harness. And then there are other items like a martingale collar, choke collar, muzzle, clicker, retractable leash and on and on. If all of this seems overwhelming, contact Two Bears Dog Training to help you sort it all out, learn what is right for your dog and get you on your way to a well-trained companion.

Two Bears' Approach To Private Dog and Puppy Training

Two Bears Dog Training takes the unique approach of teaching you how to communicate with your puppy. We also help you understand why your pup does what it does before attempting to teach “commands”. In order for your puppy to understand you, you must first understand your puppy. The time from 8 to 20 weeks is a critical time in your puppy's life for establishing lifelong behaviors. These are not obedience commands but rather foundation skills.

How and what your puppy learns in the first 5 months of his life will be how he approaches learning. This period will also establish behavior patterns for the rest of his life. The Foundation skills we teach are the basis for all future behaviors.

If you are willing to look at dog training from a new perspective, one that teaches you to see the dog as a dog first, Two Bears Dog Training will give you the tools and skills to develop a bond and communication method that will allow you to teach your pup anything you want.