Fresh, Frozen, & Freeze-Dried Raw Meat Diets 

Are you ready to begin feeding your dog or cat a healthier diet? Are you hungry for valid and truly health-promising information on pet nutrition? Whether your animal is suffering from persistent dry skin and allergy problems or you’d simply like to offer them a cleaner, more wholesome food option, Two Bears is pleased to offer raw meat diets, fresh frozen and freeze-dried, for dogs, cats, and ferrets. We feed and offer the Tefco New Results Plus, Tefco Performance Dog, and Vital Essentials line of products. These companies have been producing high-quality raw food diets for over 30 years.

Animal nutritionists and veterinarians for professional dog and cat breeders developed Tefco and Vital Essentials raw meat diets for cats and dogs. These brands provide today’s domesticated dogs and cats with their ancestors’ preferred natural food source. These highly digestible products offer more benefits on less food than traditional cooked diets and have the natural goodness preserved by serving fresh or frozen. All products are free of artificial colors and preservatives. All raw diets are not created equal, and most raw pet food on the market contains filler ingredients. When you’re looking for a truly nutritious option for your animals, you can’t go wrong with our trusted brands.


John and I have been feeding a raw diet to our dogs and cats since 1997. We offer the freshest most complete raw diets at affordable prices. We serve the entire Front Range of Colorado from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins including Denver metro, Boulder, Louisville, Longmont, Erie, Firestone, Dacono, Frederick, Brighton, Lyons, Hygiene, Windsor. Pick up in Erie, meetups, and delivery are available. (Delivery fee depends upon the distance from Erie and the quantity of the product purchased.)

Freeze-dried products are available for shipping anywhere in the US.

New Results Plus is available in Beef or Pork in 2 lb rolls   20 rolls per case

Case: $130 

Individual roll: $7.50  

Ask about volume discounts

Dealer inquiries welcome

TECO Performance Dog is available in Beef in 2 lb rolls   20 rolls per case

Case: $130 

Individual roll: $7.50 

Ask about volume discounts

Dealer inquiries welcome

Vital Essentials is available in Beef or Chicken patties in 8 oz patties   12 patties per bag, 4 bags per case

Case: $124

Individual bag:  $32

Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Products

Beef nibblets, 1 lb bag:  $27

Beef mini nibblets, 1 lb: bag  $27

Beef Tripe, 1 lb bag:  $35

Happy Howies Meat Roll, 2 lb rolls

Beef, Lamb or Turkey: $15

K9 Magic Tripe Roll, 1 lb roll: $16

Websites for the above raw foods and treats.

New Results Plus:

TEFCO Performance Dog:

Vital Essentials:

Happy Howies:

K9 Magic:

Feeding Guidelines

Puppies and dogs can be started on a raw diet at any age. You know your dog best. You may need to introduce a new diet slowly, mixing it with their current diet. The following amounts are starting guidelines. Giant breeds take longer to mature and will need a higher percentage of food for a longer time than mini breeds. Extremely active and working dogs will need a higher amount of food. 

 Puppies under 1 year of age feed 4 – 4.5% of their body weight per day (not per meal). Give less food if the puppy is gaining too much weight, Give more food if the puppy is not gaining enough weight.

Dogs over 1 year of age feed 3-3.5% of their ideal body weight per day (not per meal). 

Spayed and neutered dogs feed 2-2.5% of their ideal body weight per day.

Pregnant/lactating bitches feed at least 4-4.5% per day.

For questions concerning how to start your puppy or dog on a raw diet please contact us at: or call (720) 408-5286

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