Private Training for Puppies and Dogs 

Communication is key. At Two Bears, our main objective is to teach you how to get your dog’s attention so they can stay focused on you and their task. We believe in training methods that result in “trained” dogs and not “trick” dogs. All beginning training is private. We believe each puppy and person is different and therefore we look at each puppy and handler (owner) as a unique team. We structure our training system to fit that unique team. 

Specialists in Early Puppy Education 

In order for your puppy to understand you, you must first understand your puppy. The first 20 weeks of your puppy’s life is the crucial time for establishing life long behaviors. How and what your puppy learns during his first five to six months will be how he approaches learning for the rest of his life. Two Bears trainers specialize in helping you understand this important time. Our training system will give you the skills necessary to develop a bond and communication method that will allow you to teach your pup anything you want. We are fluent in the correct use of all training and management tools. We start all puppies (and dogs) on a flat collar and six-foot leash and move to other equipment if needed.

For a truly personalized and custom approach to puppy training, our team at Two Bears will give you and your dog the attention and care required for lifelong success. Contact us today to learn more about our private puppy training options. We look forward to creating a unique plan for you and your new puppy. 

We are pleased to offer drop-in opportunities on puppy manners and management — free for all puppies enrolled in private training. **

** Group drop in is currently suspended due to COVID 19 protocols.