Additional Products

Additional Products

At Two Bears, we’re excited to offer products that will help your dog be the best version of themselves they can be. From our raw food that ensures a healthy diet to our Let Me Be™ vest that clearly communicates your dog's needs, we believe in providing owners with tools that will create a happy, healthy life for your pets. 

Let Me Be™ Vest for Dogs

Developed and designed by our trainers here at Two Bears, the Let Me Be™ vest was made to provide owners with a visual representation that educates people about approaching dogs in public. Not every dog likes all people or other dogs. If you are working on behavior issues, training for distractions, training for a competition, or have a dog who is nervous around other dogs and/or people, it’s important to inform others that your dog needs to be left alone. 

The Let Me Be™ vest offers the visual cue strangers need to ensure your dog’s space is not encroached upon. Our proprietary vest is perfect for people who: do not want people to pet their dog and/or do not want another person’s dog to approach their dog. The vest simply instructs people on how they can or cannot approach your dog. With velcro strips you can place on the vest, you have a variety of phrases to choose from depending on your dog’s specific needs. 

In addition to the Let Me Be™ vest, Two Bears is happy to provide owners with valuable tools such as E-collars and dog treadmills. To learn more about the products we offer that are sure to help your canine friend, contact us today. We’re happy to help you find the products that will work best for you and your pup.